Frequently Asked Questions

FAQWhy can’t I adopt the Fast for 40 straight days?
A. You may choose to follow the fast for 40 straight days or adopt six days on and one day off.  During Lent, one may chose to use Sundays as a day of rejoicing, however moderation of foods should always be considered. 

If you’ve done the math, you already know that 40 straight days ends prior to Resurrection Sunday.  By adopting the practice of 6 days on and 1 day off, you will end the fast just prior to April 5, 2015.

Is the Daniel Fast similar to adopting a Vegan diet?
A. Yes, the fast is similar to adopting a vegan diet but with more restrictions. Please refer to the Daniel Fast guidelines for more information.

I cannot eat beans, lentils or nut products, what are alternatives to getting protein during the fast?
A. It is advisable to take vitamin, mineral and non-dairy protein supplements during the fast. 

I am diabetic and need to watch my carbohydrate intake. What adjustments should I make while on the Daniel Fast?
A. Most health providers encourage patients to adopt this way of eating.  You may need to make slight adjustments to ensure protein intake.  As with any medications, please consult with your doctor before making major changes to your diet.

Should I avoid caffeine?
A. Caffeine is an addictive substance and not recommended for the Daniel Fast.   It is suggested that you detoxify your body by abstaining. Please note that for the first few days as your body rids itself of toxins, you may experience moderate to severe headaches.  
Suggested alternatives:  Lemon or ginger steeped in hot water

Are meal times restricted on the Daniel Fast?
A. There are no restrictions placed on meal times during the Daniel Fast.   You may eat throughout the day however be diligent of food selections and portion sizes.   You may choose foods that provide protein to minimize hunger.

Are there resources available to learn more about the Daniel Fast?
A. Take an opportunity to visit our 40 Day Journey website by accessing The site provides valuable information about the Daniel Fast and ongoing church activities to assist you in your Journey. 

There are many web sites that provide information about the Daniel Fast, fast friendly recipes and wonderful health tips.  Some of our favorites include the following:
Susan Gregory:
Jentezen Franlkin:
Rev. George H. Malkmus, Hallelujah Acres:

Is honey an allowable sweetener on the Daniel Fast?
A. Neither honey nor artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin are allowed on the Daniel Fast.  A favorite alternative however used by Daniel participants in the past is Agave Nectar. Agave Nectar is derived from Agave, a large, spiky plant that resembles cactus or yuccas.   As with any sweetener or alternative, it should be used sparingly.

Are whole wheat breads allowed on the Daniel Fast?
A. No breads that contain leavening products (yeast) are allowed during the fast.  You may try breads such as Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Bread that is made from organic grains and legumes.  

I’ve encountered several Vegan recipes that include ingredients not allowed on the Daniel Fast; can I still have these items? 
A. As in any recipe, there are ingredients that may not be suitable for the individual. Make modifications that take into account Daniel Fast restrictions. For example, use natural seasonings lieu of recipes that call for salt or other restricted items.